Hey! Its Shea!

I am a fifth generation Wilmingtonion (A rarity for sure.) 

The craftiest person you will ever meet (Except maybe my mom). I can be awkward, hyper, passionate, but always a good time. 

A believer, a mother, a wife, a reader, a writer, an actress, a model, a coffee addict, a Disney super-fan, a woman of many hats, and of course: an artist.

I am also Autistic which means I may be a little awkward at times, but have an amazing attention to detail and beauty when it comes to photography!


I am a fan of....

Jesus obv.

Disney. NEW GIRL. The Office. Superstore. THE CHOSENNNNN! Colleen Hoover. A book with a twist.

Things I like to do...

Read. Write. Craft. Create. Laugh. Cook. Fix things.

Share memes. Watch cleantok videos. Wash laundry. Eat around the world at EPCOT. Go to the movies. Homesteading. Learning. Dancing badly, singing decently.

I like to eat...

Pizza. Steak (RARE), Pasta. All forms of potato. Cupcakes. Cookies. Banana Bread. POPCORN!, Ice cream, grilled veggies, Pot roast. Shrimp N Grits. Fried Okra (only my mamas!)

Behind Every Great Artist

Family is everything to me. There is nothing I put above it (Except Jesus Himself of course),

My husband and I have been together over seven years, five of those married. We met working at Chick-fil-a together and got married in the most magical place on earth: Walt Disney World. I never knew someone could drive you up the wall, and bring you peace at the same time. He simultaneously lights my world ablaze and washes away every last ember.

Together we have created the MOST BEAUTIFUL family. My opinion being completely bias of course.

Our beloved Bernese mountain dog was our first baby. Our snow dog loves her beach living life and enjoys every second of it. We cherish her greatly.

Next came our world-changing, laughter-inducing, wild-child toddler boy. Joy bellows out of me at the sight of him, even on our hardest days.

The latest addition to the Carrol family is our baby girl. She will melt your heart and steal your food in the same breath. She's vivacious, adventurous, and nothing in this world could ever stop her. She knows what she wants and demands nothing less.

These are my "Why", my squad, my tribe. My team, my ride-or-dies, my everythings. They give me a reason to get up everyday and do my part to make the world a better place.


Why should I purchase print products?

I always say photography is important because memories fade, but so do digital images. That is why I always encourage my clients to order print products so that their memories become tangible objects that can be cherished for generations.

What do we wear?

This is the number one question I get. I will style you head to toe should you wish! I have a beautiful client closet containing mostly women and baby/toddler clothes in a variety of sizes with a few pieces for men as well.

When will we get our photos?

I make it a goal to get photos to clients in no longer than 3 weeks. Holidays, family matters, and busy seasons may affect this.

How long have you been doing this?

I have been doing photography as a hobby since 2014, but opened up ERP in 2020.

Do you travel?

Yes! I will travel anywhere in the continental USA, travel fees are included in your quote. For international inquires, please contact me.

How many photos do we get?

Amount of photos depends on the package you purchase. More photos or a full gallery can be purchased through your client gallery.

Do you retouch photos?

I edit any photo that I feel needs adjustments in regards to shadows, lighting, colors, etc. If you want something specific such as body or face adjustments, message me and we will work something out!

What's your experience with Neurodiverse kiddos?

I am actually autistic myself and have ADHD, so I am better than anyone when it comes to making sure other people with "spicy brains" feel comfortable and have fun during their session.

What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

“"An amazing person, and even better photographer!! Booked two sessions in the same weekend but nothing but professional from setup, to accommodations and execution!! Can’t wait to see the final product my family will remember these moments forever!!"”

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